DANGER (1989)

DANGER was a Swiss  hard rock band back in the 80-ies located in Winterthur (greater Zurich area). DANGER  was well known because of their extravagant stage shows with rotating saw blades and impressive pyro effects etc. In 1988  DANGER  produced their first demo tape "First Strike" and have been finally discovered by an international music management who arranged them to be the supporting act of OMEGA (Hungary's most famous rock band).  DANGER was the 2nd Swiss band after Krokus who were able to play at the largest stadiums in the country with more than 20'000 people each.

After many concerts they succesfully supported 1989 WASP in Switzerland (Volkshaus Zürich). Also in 1989 DANGER released their first single "Down on my knees/When my heart cries" which was produced by Krokus' guitarist Fernando von Arb.

Line up 1989
Peach Stöckli – Leadvocals, Guitars
Benny Meixner – Keyboards, Vocals
Olivier Candela – Bass, Vocals
Luck Rohr – Drums, Vocals (R.I.P 2008)

In 2008 band leader and drummer "famous"  Luck Rohr died unexpectedly


Benny Meixner

Olivier (Candela) Gärtner

Peach Stöckli

Luck Rohr (R.I.P)